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Why Aamir Khan insisted on Asin

Some people are born lucky and Asin, who is making her Bollywood debut opposite Aamir Khan in Ghajini, is one of them. Asin, a huge star down South has acted with almost all big names and has several blockbusters to her credit. But even then, she never thought in her wildest dreams that her debut in Hindi films will be with Aamir. And guess how did she land up the role?

Aamir saw her in the original Ghajini and was impressed with her, he requested director Muradoss to repeat her in the Hindi version as well. Infact, we heard Aamir personally called her to tell her to do the film. Lucky girl, we must say! We only hope that her career doesn’t head the Gracy Singh (hope you guys still remember her?) way!

source: indiatimes.com

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