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Smita Bansal surprise birthday party

Smita Bansal

Smita Bansal, better known to us as ‘Sumitra’ of the renowned Balika Vadhu fame got a full fledged surprise at midnight on 20th February. It was her birthday on 21st and Smita had no plans of shooting that day. Unfortunately there was a shooting scene which required her to

be there and poor Smita had no option but to come for the shoot. We heard the whole story from the horse’s mouth itself. Smita recalls, “I was in a bad mood when I came to know that I had to be there at the shoot yesterday. I was sad that I wasn’t spared even on my birthday”, says the unhappy Smita.

This is certainly not the end of the story, if any of you guys are thinking so, because the production people and the Creative Heads of the show had something else in their mind.
“Exactly at 12 midnight I saw a huge cake being brought at the table and then I understood the whole funda. What gave me a complete shock was the presence of my husband and my daughter on the sets”, says a happy Smita now.

“I am extremely thankful to all the people who were involved in this and a special thanks to all my Creative Heads for showing their love and gratitude towards me. I never expected they would contact my daughter and call my husband as well. On seeing him and my daughter I just could not control my emotions. It was a truly wonderful experience and a birthday to remember lifelong.”

source: indiatimes.com

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