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Diwali Puja Thali Decorations Ideas

Arti is performed in order to pay tribute to the Almighty and is one of the most important rituals while offering prayers to the deity. It is a must to be performed amongst the Hindus. The thali by which the Arti is performed is called as the Puja Thali. It can be made up of copper, brass, steel or of silver. Like the entire surroundings are decorated before performing puja, similarly, Puja Thali too is decorated.

Diwali Arti Thali consists of several holy items like sandalwood paste, roli and rice paste, sweets as prasadam, incensed sticks, a hand bell and petals of flowers. Although, the sundry ingredients put in the right manner are in the thali are enough to make it look elegant, but it is sheer devotion of people, who adorn it with other items as well.

Method 1
To initiate the Diwali Puja Thali Decorations, you can make a religious symbol in the middle of the plate, such as that of Swastika and Aum. At the corners of the plate, glue silver or golden zari. You can also use glitter paste and sequins to adorn the plate with.

Method 2
Cover the entire plate with a vibrant colored piece of cloth or paper. Then make traditional designs over it. The cloth or paper you have chosen must have a traditional print and should be in cotton. You can go for Rajasthani prints, bhandege, polka dots etc. Highlight the edges with a lace or zari of contrast color to the base.

Method 3
Take a mud clay plate and color it with the oil paint. Make geometrical, traditional, religious and other designs with brilliant colors. This would make your Puja thali look more like a Rangoli. Puja Thali decorations can be an interesting activity to indulge in while you are soaked into the festive mood. Use your imagination and color your Diwali with happiness and love.

Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas

Simple Thali Decoration
1. Take a plain thali.
2. Cut seven any colored cloth and cut it in such a way that a spiral of different colors is formed.
3. Decorate more stick mirrors sequences or any thing on it in a pattern.
4. Now place all the ‘pooja items on it with placement of 7 diyas on it.

Pooja Thali with Laces
1. Take a plastic/steel plate.
2. Cover the plate completely by pasting different colored papers.
3. Decorate the plate with hanging golden laces all around and small mirrors in the corners.
4. Place statues of God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

Mirror Mosaic Thali
1.Take steel plate or a ceramic plate.
2.Take little pieces of mirror of various shapes and make concentric designs of diyas, swastikas with the help of marker.
3. Now paste the mirror pieces over the design by keeping a distance of about 1 mm between each mirror.
4. Leave it for 5-6hours.
5. Make a paste with plaster of paris and fill all the gaps.
6. You will get a stunning mirror mosaic thali.

Simple Thali Decoration
1. Take any plate available at home.
2. Take some bright powdered colors.
3. Design a rangoli on the plate.
4. Then take 5 small sized plates.
5. Put it in the bigger plate.
Place a lighted diya on it.

Tissue Cloth Puja Thali
1. Take a plain thali.
2. Stick some paper on it.
3. Then take red or any colour tissue cloth. Cut it in a round shape, little big from plate size then piko it. Take golden ghungru and stitch them all around the border of the cloth.
4. Stick the cloth at plate. Then take some stone and stick for decoration. Place a Ganeshji photo and kalash for decoration.

Thali Decorated with Dupatta
1. Cover a thali with a bandej duppata or cloth.
2. Stick gota or lace along the dupatta.
3. Stick ghungroos or bells in the 4 corners of dupatta.
4. Place rose petals in corners and now place diya in between.
5. Your thali is ready.

Water Filled Thali
1. Make some colourful designs at the border of the thali using color, lace or gota.
2. Fill the thali with water (not too much such that it overflows).
3. Put some rose petals in the thali.
4. Place a diya in the centre of the thali and lit it.
5. Place two small containers for “chawal” and “rolli” to keep it in the water filled thali.
6. Your unique and great Aarti or Puja Thali is ready.

Painted Puja Thali
1. Take a plane thali.
2. Make a pattern on it.
3. Now, paint with oil or poster colors.
4. Let it dry.
5. Your colourful Diwali Puja Thali is ready.

Zari Border Puja Thali
Here is a beautiful way to decorate Pooja Thali in a traditional way using the items available at home itself.

1. Cut an old zari border of a saree or a duppata and stitch small ghungroos or shells (kauris as found on Gujarati dupattas) on it.
2. Then with the help of fevicol or fevibond paste this on the border of the palte.
3. Take coloured jute thin rope or moli and paste it at the centre of the plate making a spiral shape.
4. The thali will look colourful and traditional.

Thali Decoration with Haldi and Roli
1.Take a plain thali.
2. Spread a little oil on the thali.
3. Now place good amount of haldi (turmeric) and roli on the thali.
4. Move the thali in all directions. You will wonder at the way haldi and roli mixes and spread all over the thali and covers it.
5. Now with a match stick make a pattern or design of your choice.
6. Sprinkle glitter on the thali.
7. Place all the items of pooja on the thali and have a glittering Diwali.

Other Decoration Puja Thali
Take Plain Diwali Puja Thali. Create a swastik design by sindoor on the pooja thali
Arrange all the essential accessories for diwali pooja, which includes:

diya, candles
roli, chawal, moli ( kalava)
doop, agarbatti, camphor
laxmi ganesh silver coins / idols
a bell
water in a container
sweets / fruits ( for parshad)
Your Diwali Thali is Ready for Puja 

Illuminated Thali
1. Cover a thali with a bright coloured satin or jacquard cloth.
2. Give thali a border by sticking a contrast colour fancy lace, using glue.
3. Now stick mirrors and kundan stones of different colours and shape tastefully and then arrange the required items on the thali.
4. If the mirrors are stuck around the center, then place a fancy aroma candle in the center. When lit the light will be reflected by the surrounding mirrors and enhance the beauty of the thali.

Paper Sunflower Puja Thali
1. Take one yellow crepe paper and cut it in shape of petals.
2. Take another brown shining paper and cut it in a small circle. This will be used to form the centre of the flower.
3. Take a white paper and cut it in a round shape. Stick the brown paper on it using gum. Then stick petals around it to form a sunflower.
4. To give a realistic look to this sunflower on the brown round shape apply gum and put tea powder so that it looks like sunflower bud.
5. Sunflower is ready now.
6. Stick this sunflower on the plate.

Puja Thali Decoration with Kumkum
1. Take a small-medium sized steel thali. Put about 2 teaspoons of ghee (clarified butter) in the thali and spread it all over it.
2. Sprinkle some kanku (kumkum) all over the thali.
3. Once it is evenly spread, in the center of the thali draw a swastika with 4 dots or an aum with your finger (you should be able 2 see the steel underneath.)
4. Put down flower petals where you would put the diva (put the diva in the center of the swastika or aum) a bell,camphor, an om symbol and a little rice.
5. Light your diva and have an awesome Diwali.

Silver Paint Puja Thali
1. Take a round shaped thali.
2. Sparkle the thali with silver colour.
3. Make any design on thali with red sparkle after the silver paint has dried.
4. Cover the edge of the thali with a golden lace.
5. Place diya in between and two small box covered with lace with kanku and chaawal inside. Also place a small nariyal, mauli and five coins.

Pumpkin Diya Puja Thali
Material Required – Colorful flowers, spoons of different size , white Pumpkin, dough, tack pins, plate
1. Cut the pumpkin and make a flat surface so that it can rest on plate. If you want you can stick it with little dough.
2. Cover the spoons with colorful dough & start poking in the pumpkin from upside down small to bigger by size in a circular way.
3. Once you have poked the spoons, in the empty space prick flowers with tack pins so that the pumpkin gets covered.
4. Cover the sides of plate with flowers.
5. Then burn the diyas in the spoon it will form a deep stambh or lit pillar. You can form the deep stambh of 11 or 21 diyas or as many as you wish.

Sunflower Puja Thali
1. Take a medium size Thali and colour it with oil paints or poster colours (use golden yellow colour as background) all over the thali.
2. Draw small flowers on the side of the thali (surrounded with flowers)use orange or red colour for flowers. There should not be any gap between flowers.
3. Draw a big sunflower in the center of the thali using lemon yellow. Give little bit of orange as shade in the center of the petals.
4. There will be space left between the side flowers and center flower. Keep some rose petals on this left space (around the sunflower put this rose petals).
5. Keep the diya in the center of the sunflower and light it.
6. Keep some chawal and kumkum in a small container and place it on the rose petals.

Aarti Thali Decoration with Kumkum and Lots of Flowers
Ingredients: (Steel, Copper, Brass), Ghee, Vibrant flowers(such as red, pink, yellow, white etc.), 5 diyas, Cotton wicks, Bell, Camphor along with the camphor holder.
1. Get a steel thali of atleast medium to large size.
2. The thali should be either of steel, copper or brass.
3. Take 2 teaspoons of ghee & spread it gently all over the thali.
4. Sprinkle some Kumkum on the evenly spread ghee thali.
5. Now draw a figure such as a Lotus flower with your finger.
6. Beautify the look further with flowers.
7. Prepare a beautiful garland made either with white or yellow flowers.
8. Fill up the the inside of the figure’s with some red or pink flowers.
9. Fill up the outside part of the figure’s shape with white and yellow flowers.
10. Leave some space between the figure’s shape & thali’s border.
11. Make use of either of these puja accessories as abil, gulal, chandan, sindoor or haldi to highlight the inside part of the border.
12. One can even use tulsi leaves or flower petals.
13. For placing of the diyas, make 5 spaces. Diyas should have cotton wicks soaked in ghee.
14. Put the bell and camphor holder in one part of the thali.
15. Highlight the area with vibrant colored flower petals beautifully forming some pattern.
16. Finally, lighten the Diyas which completes the look of the stunning looking Aarti Thali!!!

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